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2008-03-28 18:12:26 by lKoiji

Super Street Smash

Is a game im making but do to serious lack of motivation it is still on a really early stage of production : ( so anyway it will eventually come out (i hope)

The game is essentially a crossover of street fighter and smash, plays like street fighter but has similar aspects of smash and only smash characters : (

First im gonna realease the beta (beta with the first 8 starters from the original smash) here as a part of this news post and later at the portal with unlockables of stages and more characters
Edit: Basic Engine is half done much more complicated than what i expected :O but huge progress done :)
Edit: engine is done :) just need to add characters :D will post demo when at least 2 chars are playable
My 30 day Trial Expired :( so i have returned to use my Flash 5 again, but the work is Mx so im waiting to hopefully get a license or something, but made this menus that will be used in game in flash:
64 | 64[2]
Melee | Melee[2]
Brawl | Brawl[2]
Yay for menus :D
Sorry for the bad quality, Oh and also a Mario
Yay i found A Flash Mx 2004! now onto more coding hopefully i get a sertial number or finish before the 30 day trial! :D


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2008-03-28 18:13:21

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